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TECNOWEAR Sport System has over 20 years of national and international expertise in the sector of technical and high performance sports and leisure wear for professionals and amateurs at an individual or team level...


TECNOWEAR Sport System is famous for it's expertise in the production and commercialization of personalized technical sportswear.
Thanks to a flexible organizational structure together with a team of highly specialized staff along with the latest-generation production equipment, TECNOWEAR is capable of satisfying the most specific technical sportswear requirements (or needs).


TECNOWEAR also has an E-SHOP www.tecnowearshop.com. A dynamic point of reference, our SHOP ON-LINE offers products for all needs: from clothing to accessories to the health and wellness of athletes..
By using our practical web-site, you can browse, select and purchase any of our products from the e-catalogue and get them delivered right to your door.


TECNOWEAR Sport System has a modern and large showroom at it's OUTLET in Trecate (Novara) on the SR Milano-Novara state road. There sports clothing and equipment are displayed in dedicated areas for each sporting discipline (cycling, running, swimming, rowing, sailing, fitness, mountain and so on).



The CYBER brand offers clothing for various sporting disciplines in the major categories of CYCLING, RUNNING, MOUNTAIN and WATERSPORTS which include swimming, canoeing, sailing... The CYBER line of products that is used by sportspeople of international fame due to it's use of the latest generation of textile fibers (LYCRA, SENSITIVE, SILVER, CARBON, COOLMAX), performance fabrics (ZEROWIND, OUTLAST, COMPRESSION) and by specifically treating each garment (i.e TEFLON, NANO SFERE, ANTIBACTERIAL...) together with quality Italian design and production.

In addition, to satisfy our athletes requirements for leisurewear and outdoor wear, we have a large range of clothing specifically designed with fashion and comfort in mind. The ACODE and HARVEST brands are now viewed as the reference point (or benchmark) in this sector.


TECNOWEAR, offers a vast range of natural energy products by KYBOOM which are suitable for sportspeople and non when following diets as an integral part of their training and competition strategy or for dieting and nutritional programs and guidelines. KYBOOM has been carefully selected by TECNOWEAR because of it's use of natural nutritional ingredients such as it's Miele Mirtillo drink, Natrual Fruit bars or Pasta Completa. Their ingredients supply natural energy to the body allowing it to cope with an active daily routine and physical pressure during sport performance.


In addition to all clothing TECNOWEAR Sport System offers all types of sporting and free-time accessories for both indoor and outdoor activities to complete all the requirements of every sporting discipline. There is a vast range of accessories for professionals, novices, amateurs and those passionate for adventure: running shoes, cycling shoes, helmets and sunglasses, from Nordic Walking poles to ciaspoles, technical back-packs and utensils specific to facing different outdoor sporting activities.

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