terms of sale    

The conditions herein described relate to the supplying of any type of merchandise by TECNOWEAR Sport System snc (hereafter referred to as TECNOWEAR) and the Client ordering such merchandise. To be considered valid, any variation to these terms and conditions must be agreed in writing between the two parties.


The contract for each individual order shall be considered concluded at the moment of payment for the order and with the related sending of the merchandise in accordance with the delivery note. TECNOWEAR retains the unquestionable right to reject orders received.


The prices indicated in the electronic catalogue are in Euros and inclusive of VAT/Sales Tax at 21% and do not include delivery. The minimum amount of any order is €25 (including VAT/Sales Tax).

These prices have a purely indicative value – TECNOWEAR may vary the price list, communicating such to the Client whenever it should be considered necessary. For merchandise sent outside the EU, additional charges will be applied.


The possibility to send orders on line means that product availability for merchandise on the internet site varies in real time, for which reason TECNOWEAR does not guarantee the availability of merchandise ordered. Delivery times can vary according to the availability of the product in our stock and according to the final destination of the merchandise. In any case, where the product is in stock it will be dispatched in 24/72 hours.


Any sale shall be considered effected at the warehouse of TECNOWEAR, and from that point on all transport operations and other burdens are at the expense and liability of the Client, who bears all related risks. In the absence of other agreement between the parties expressly stated in the order, TECNOWEAR may freely choose the transporter, it remaining agreed that in such eventuality TECNOWEAR acts simply as an agent of the Client who accepts all costs and risks of transport. All costs and transport risks, including those while being stored at the transport agent, remain exclusively the responsibility of the Client in all the following hypotheses: - Client refusal to accept the goods, Client unavailability during work days and within office hours; failure to deliver by the transporter in cases where payment is to be made in cash at the time of delivery following a refusal from the Client to make the payment following terms and means of payment. In any case, TECNOWEAR reserves the indisputabile right to proceed with the delivery of partial orders unless otherwise specified in the order. The terms of delivery indicated by TECNOWEAR refer to products present in our warehouse, and while carefully evaluated are not intended to be considered binding, and can be confirmed or changed according to TECNOWEAR needs. Possible delays of less than 30 (thirty) days in delivery do not give the right to the Client to refuse delivery of the product, nor to expect compensation or damages of any kind. Other terms and conditions of delivery must be previously agreed between the Client and TECNOWEAR and must be accepted in writing by TECNOWEAR.


Upon receipt of the product the Client must immediately verify the condition of the product and conformity with the order. All claims relative to the conformity of the ordered products, also in relation to quantity and exterior appearance must be formulated in writing upon receipt of the merchandise and communicated to TECNOWEAR within 7 (seven) days of receipt. In any case, return of the product on the part of the Client requires written agreement from TECNOWEAR, it remaining understood that in the absence of such an agreement the products returned will be considered at the Client's own risk and transport, storage and maintenance expenses will be the responsibility of the Client. In any event, the return of products from TECNOWEAR to the Client is fulfilled at the risk and expense of the Client. The Client, therefore, should provide for, at their own expense, the return of the merchandise using the original packagine. The merchandise will be viewed, and, if found to be complete and with no damage caused by the Client, the amount spent will be refunded to the Client, or the product will be substituted by another item of merchandise of the Client's choice. Once the product has been received (and its condition checked) in the event of refund TECNOWEAR will be committed, within 30 days from the receipt of the communication relating to product return, to credit to the Client, via bank transfer, the cost of the returned product (as indicated on the receipt), removing, where necessary, the amount spent for delivery, which in any case remains the Client's responsibility. It will be the Client's responsibility to provide in reasonable time the IBAN code necessary for the bank transfer. Substitution of defective products will be possible if returned within 10 days of the delivery date. The substitution of products sent in error will be possible if returned within 10 days of the delivery date and must be complete in every particular and in their complete and unopened packaging. Merchandise sent requesting payment on delivery will be rejected.


Pursuant to article 4 of the Legal Decree no. 50 of 15/01/1992, the Client may exercise the right to withdraw from the agreement within 7 days of the receipt of the merchandise, comunicating such in writing (through registered mail with receipt) to the address: TECNOWEAR Sport System snc, Via Romentino 66, 28069, Trecate, NO.

Such registered mail must express the will to utilise the right of withdrawal, and contain an indication of the product, the subject of the refusal, a description of the relevant order and a copy of the transport documents.


TECNOWEAR guarantees the products it distributes exclusively for possible defects deriving from production faults. Such guarantee does not become operational wherever the Client has not made a written claim as detailed above (Claims and Returns)/Right of Withdrawal). Where the guarantee has not lapsed, the Client must send the product, adequately packaged and ideally in the original packaging to TECNOWEAR; it must be complete in every way and with every accessory, and not show any alterations or damage that does not derive from production defects.


All payments, unless otherwise agreed and approved in writing by TECNOWEAR are to be fulfilled in advance through the use of International credit cards such as VISA, MASTERCARD, or though the use of PAYPAL.

In the event of advance payment via bank transfer, the order will be managed only after having received confirmation of the successful transfer of funds by the bank. The payment must take place within 7 days of the date of the order. Subsequent to that date, the order will automatically be cancelled. The stated reason for the bank transfer must include order number, date of order, name and surname (or company name) of the client. The availability of products will be confirmed only at the moment of arrival of the bank transfer. The necessary information for the bank transfer will be shown to the Client subsequent to making the order, if the Client choose to pay the sum via bank transfer.


The Client may not, in any case, without previous written authority from TECNOWEAR use, delete or remove any marking relative to patents, commercially denominated marking or originally placed by TECNOWEAR on the supplied products. The ‘marks’ reproduced on the internet site www.tecnowearshop.com are the property of production companies or of TECNOWEAR, and their partial or complete reproduction is not permette. Product images are purely descriptive and not binding.


The conditions contained in the present document can be modified without advance notice and will be valid as of their date of publication on the Internet site www.tecnowearshop.com.


Article 10 of law 675/96 deals with the management of personal information. The information collected shall be used exclusively for administrative and commercial purposes in accordance with current regulations. In compliance with the law cited above, TECNOWEAR communicates that: – the gathering of, or treatment of personal information takes place exclusively with the objective of being able to perform its economic activity adequately. – Personal information are and will be treated in accordance with the law cited above, both with regards to IT systems and the filing of paper documentation. – The information can be communicated to third parties (e.g: banks, authorities, organisations to which we are connected) exclusively to develop our relationship and in the field of commissions to which we have been entrusted. – In any moment, the Client will be able to freely access their own information in order to update, modify or simply to oppose their use, for the formalities indicated herein by writing to TECNOWEAR Sport System snc.


The possible application of mandatory legal provisions submitted by the consumer (as defined according to article 1, letter b of the Legal Decree of the 22nd March 1999 no. 185) remaining understood, any dispute relating to these General Conditions will be under the exclusive responsibility of the Tribunal of Novara. Also. Have a look at the catalogue!