terms and conditions of delivery    


Each sold item will be delivered from TECNOWEAR's warehouse and it is implied that all costs relative to transport will be debited to the CLIENT who will accept all relative risks.

All deliveries will be made by a courier selected by TECNOWEAR who will act on behalf of the CLIENT who has delegated this part of the service to TECNOWEAR and thus the CLIENT will bear all the costs and risks of transport.

All the costs and risks of transport, including goods held in stock by the transporter, remain the exclusive cost of the CLIENT in all of the following situations:

- CLIENT's refusal to accept delivery of items from the courier
- impossibility of reaching the CLIENT during office hours and on working days
- non-delivery by the courier, in the case of cash-on-delivery, due to the refusal by the CLIENT to pay according to pre-agreed terms and methods.

TECNOWEAR riserve the indisputabile right to proceed and delivery in all or in part, unless otherwise specified on the order. The terms of delivery indicated by TECNOWEAR refer to products in stock and are not intended to be binding for TECNOWEAR who, will give due care and attention to the CLIENT's order, can successively confirm or modify according to it's own needs and requirements. Any delayed deliveries of less than 30 (thirty) days do not give the right to the CLIENT to refuse the items delivered, nor gives the right to expect reimbursement or any similar payments. Any terms and conditions which differ from the ordinary will have to be pre-agreed between the CLIENT and TECNOWEAR and be explicitly accepted in writing by TECNOWEAR.


The costs of delivery will be defined proportionally by the economical value of the order (excluding VAT) and are indicated automatically as you place each item in your e-shopping cart each time you acquire an item. Please see below:

€ 8,00 for value of goods from € 25,00 to € 50,00
€ 9,00 for value of goods from € 50,00 to € 100,00
€ 11,00 for value of goods from € 101,00 to € 500
FREE OF CHARGES for value of goods from € 501,00 to € 1000,00
Eu Countries
€ 20,00 for value of goods from € 50,00 to € 500,00
€ 45,00 for value of goods from € 501,00 to € 1000,00

The above costs are purely indicative and TECNOWEAR may vary these costs whenever they deem it necessary.